Silent Speech 

by Avi T. Shaver


My Writings (some)

The Eruv
(Presented at the University of Graz, May 2018) 

The Holocaust and Museums
(Museum Studies and Philosophy-Final Paper, December 2019)

Religious Sentiments of 1929 Jerusalem Riots 
(Senior Capstone-2018) 

Zapatista Context
(Modern Latin American History-Final Paper May 2017) 

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The Chronicles 



Hey! I'm Avi. Thanks for visiting. I'm using this blog to document experiences, adventures, and other events throughout my life that have taught me the significance of history and its relevance throughout the world. I'm from the United States. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major in History and Jewish Studies. My focus in history specialty focuses on atrocities, religious persecution, and the memory of violence. I speak 5 languages, have lived in South America, and won Eagle Scout Project of the Year. 

Historic places I've been to: 

House in Colonia, Uruguay

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Arlington National Cemetery, DC, USA

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Mill City Museum, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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House in Colonia, Uruguay

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My book of the month: 


The Great Departure by Tara Zahra. This multi-dimensional and packed book explores the people who changed for themselves and the world as immigration became a huge social movement. What happens to people who changed their lives? This book explores the complex nature of immigration and seeks to provide an understanding of what the world has turned into as a result of such massive change. It is in depth and paints a vibrant picture. I think it is a book that all should read if interested in the history of immigration in the USA. 

My film of the month: 


Pillar of Fire (1992) is one of my favorite documentaries. It takes one through the history of Israel's creation as a country using many famous interviews and old-school news footage that accurately recreates a sense of desire to be back in the Holy Land. It imbues the viewer with a sense of patriotism that I think is not found in other forms of historical documentaries. I think it is well structured and feels very powerful. It is informative and clear.